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at Saul Good Restaurant & Pub – View on Path.

at Saul Good Restaurant & Pub – View on Path.

At Hooters

At work come holla at me!!! – at Hooters – See on Path.

Nas is def a favorite artist of mine! check out the tracklist…SHEESH! get hyped ya! this summer the music is on FIRE! 

This daughters track is a favorite of my mom, my dad, and I…GO FIGURE!

Another Fav on the album!


I’m sad Usher didn’t dance!!! *sighs and puts head down*

BUT!!! I’m so pumped about this video!! It’s a hot and sexy video for the summer for sure! Rick Ross’s leading lady in the video was beautiful. I’ve spotted her from other works but most recently I’m sure ya have recognized her from being the ratchet sunbeam on “The Game”! Nice match for Rick Ross…Not too big or skinny. It was a believable couple which made it all the more better! I hope ya enjoy as much as I did! Until Next time…



"Love this game, hate the niggas that’s are in it…"

Well the title came from a verse by one of my favs, Wale (mother nature… Great joint). And this post is about the 4 words Above…and my involvement in it.
LOVE- now that’s a deep word. Especially when you let it resonate in your mind. When that word is said I think of the possibilities of it and the impact of it on me now. I haven’t been in love since 2010, yet I’m in between wanting it and feeling like I’m not ready. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. We all want to have our cake and it too. However I’m not wanting the single life and love… No no no. I want the love and balance. We all know love creates imbalance in our lives that we have to manage to reconfigure our lives around. Love brings so many emotions that many of my peers, up to the age of 30, still aren’t ready to surrender to.
HATE- now hate is a strong word as well but dammit, I hear so many ppl say they HATE Love… because of situations that have occurred. They push themselves into a corner playing defense against love. I’m a hopeless romantic and a competitor so I’m always falling for a [realistic] challenge. I can’t hate something so powerful and beautiful. I just give in to it.
NIGGAS- I bet ya think from the title imma do a man bashing on this part… NO!!!! Niggas in the game are men and women… We all need to take ownership on our actions. That’s my intro and conclusion of this… Now here’s the body… You know how many times I hear from male friends “man na eff that love ish, I’m out here about this money” and they end up telling a story of a past relationship that didn’t work out because of a grimy woman? And now women have taken this role as well as the “man na eff that love ish, I’m out here about this money” type. To me that all some bull and ppl just don’t want to risk being hurt. I’m here to say IT IS POSSIBLE TO FALL IN LOVE AND STILL BE ABOUT THAT MONEY!!! Because when you’re in a healthy relationship, your mate is going to be your strong support system. Now if you can’t be a support system for yourself don’t try to be for someone else. Only be in a relationship if you are mentally, financial, and emotionally stable. Your man/woman shouldn’t have to be your therapist. Also please PLEASE stop treasuring garbage. The grass ain’t always greener. I’ll let ya ponder on that…
GAME- we all in the game for love.. Yes even if you claim you are not looking… Someone is hoping you’ll change your mind and that they’ll be the only one you pick, once you change your mind. The game is getting a tad bit out of control though. Women aren’t picking intelligently and men aren’t either. I repeat quit treasuring garbage. You trying to make a landfill into a beautiful martha stewart garden is pointless! Learn that if it look like a duck quack like a duck it’s a duck! A hoe going to be a hoe! A bum is going to be a bum! Ain’t no way around it. Stop trying to change ppl. They just aren’t for you. I see too many women chasing after men that say they are not ready for a relationship..STOP! It’s been time to stop….a long time ago. You can cook him dinner, rub his back, be his support system… But if he’s not ready he’s not ready. Me personally I always say two things: 1. I’m not giving the intern the CEO benefits. And 2. I won’t give you the title if you don’t know how to be it.
That’s real to live by while in the game….
So to bring my rant around full circle,
“Love this game, hate the niggas that’s in it”. I do love the game of love, I don’t like the ppl that mess it up. I am a hopeless romantic. I would hope everyone finds a great life companion! And to be honest I pray that I don’t end up 30 man less and think every man ain’t ish..[laughing but very serious].
BTW Wale is not talking about the Love game but it made me think about it…


Rick Ross makes that music for us to get hyped to but he also is NOTORIOUS for making some sexy songs for us ladies! This is one of my favorite tracks out for the summer. I can’t to hear it at the club! And I really cant wait for this album! My homegirL, C.A. and I love us some Rozay!!!! Anyways this UNOFFICIAL video is sexy, fun, and intriguing. With Cassie, Stalley, Diddy, and a young Jada Pinkett-Smith look alike making cameos this was surely getting the public excited for his album that drops on July 31st and for the OFFICIAL video! Me as a dancer im excited to see Usher’s moves ;)

 Rick Ross Cannes Vlog feat. Diddy (Touch’N You Unofficial Video) (by MaybachMusicGrp)



I’m so mya with my oh hell no!

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